Our family can't thank you enough for the excellent care you gave Mary through her last 10 months. It didn't matter what the issue was, you and your team found a response that made her comfortable. Your nurses and other staff members were always accommodating, allowing her flex on the days she couldn't push herself. The excellent care you gave her enabled her to enjoy life and be active until a few days before her death. Our family pushed her to be active and she was until the end of her life. She was comfortable and happy as she celebrated her 88th birthday with her family just 10 days before her death. This gave the entire family peace and comfort. We all appreciate what you did for her. God bless you and your team at Accredited.
Dan C. and Family
I want to thank you for your kindness and help during my mom's last months. Especially I want to thank you for staying until they took my mom away after she had passed.
Just wanted each one of you to know how much my Dad and entire family appreciates your expertise and loving care of my dear mother during her final days here with us. Our family remembers each one of you with gratitude and deep appreciation.
I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did with my mother.
Just a few lines to let you know of your nursing staff. They performed their duties in a very professional manner and were quick to explain each procedure and identified its outcome! The rapport developed was simply good. I wish to thank; Gena, Jana, Abby and Val, my friend from Odessa, Texas. And in closing I wish to thank you for your service and well-trained staff.
Joseph U.
Thank you for your excellent care - Long may it continue with us.
Mary W.
No words can say how much we appreciate you and your team! From your precious calls checking on me to the affection and care everyone gave Dad…he spent his last weeks knowing he was loved and cared for! As his child, I could not ask for more! Love & Thanks.
Thank you all for your assistance and caring given these last few months of Robert’s life. I don’t know how we’d have made it so far without you. My special thanks to the nurses and aids who helped us.
Leown & Shari
I cannot thank you enough. Once again you have been there for me taking care of my family. First my mom and now my husband Gerald, my very best friend. Thank you for helping to get everything on track [after a conflict with a nursing home] and immediately calming my nerves. I honestly had no idea that Gerry’s passing would be so soon, but I am relieved that he didn’t suffer and our nurse saw to that. Again, thank you for your care.
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided my mother. We were so luck ty to have her with us so long. We were very blessed to have her as a mom.
Bill, Meg and Mimi
Daddy just loved his nurse and looked forward to her visits. He had such confidence in her expertise and found reassurance in her gentle voice and bedside manner. Thanks to her for enabling him to rest comfortably and for providing him the best of care. His aid brought Daddy such joy each time she came for his shower and personal hygiene. He loved her good-natured teasing and fun! She was the only he wanted to help him clean up – she was awesome! The assistance of a few others was also greatly appreciated as they came so promptly and offered wonderful care. We will remember each of you with gratitude and love. You were such a blessing to Daddy and to all of us during his last days.
Kathy D & Family
I want to thank you for your kindness and help during Mom’s last months. You came up with tips to make my life easier and encouraged me when I was at my wit’s end as to what to do next. You were always so king to my mom and me. Especially I want to thank you for staying until they took my mom away after she had died. It meant so much that someone was “holding the fort down” as we mourned.
Thank you so much for your support, kindness and help during this time. You make it possible to keep Fannie at home which was so important to us. You’re the best!  
John, Ellen Tim & Margaret
You were such a blessing to me, my family and to Tom during those final days of his life. Your calm demeanor, your compassionate heart and your expertise in taking care of Tom will never be forgotten. We were so fortunate to have you and Jerry as our support team and I thank you with heart full of love.
I want to thank everyone at Accredited Hospices of America for the care and comfort you afforded my mother, Jacqueline, in her last days. I also want to thank you for the comfort given me during this very trying time. The thoughtfulness and calmness of Mrs. Mosbacher the morning Mother passed was especially appreciated and helped me through that time.
Thank you so very much in providing Bubba & I with the guidance, direction and knowledge while making the last journey with Mom. Jerry, you are so kind-hearted to come over on such short notice and Debbie to be okay with him spending so much time away from home. We can not even begin to thank your staff for their caring hands during this time.
Dixie & Bubba
Our family wishes to thank you for your wonderful service and caring during a difficult time. A special thanks to Peggie's nurse for her expertise, concern and caring. Also, a big thank you to her aids.  
Nancy T. & Family
We will never be able to thank you and your staff enough for the wonderful care you gave Mom – and us – during her last months. Never. But we would like you to know that it won’t be forgotten and hope you will accept this small token of our appreciations.
Shelley, Jenny & Stuart
We’d like to thank Accredited Hospices of America, especially Louis’ nurses, for the gentle loving care given to him when he was in your care. You helped us in a time we were so in need of help. God bless you as you continue to help others.
Dorothy P & Family
Just a big Thank You for all of you, you are AMAZING people for sure and helped us and my Dad so much.  
Patricia F.
Thank you for your excellent care. Long may it continue with us.
Love, Mary and David
By chance I came across your advertisement circular. I believe God had a hand in it. I thank you so much for your services and the excellent staff who support you. Wendell's nurse was my rock during his demise. She handled Wendell’s dying process like a pro. It was comforting to have her present during this difficult time. Please thank all of his aids as well.  
We are so happy we referred your service to Bob for her mom, Helen L. Her nurse was especially helpful during this difficult time. We will be referring future residents to your due to the special care we know they’ll receive. Thanks from the staff at Always Home.
Dawn, Chris, Jessica and Brea