Paying for Our Services

Paying for Our Services

The costs of hospice and home healthcare can be covered in a variety of ways. We’ve compiled a list of options available to assist in paying for the services of Accredited Healthcare of America.


If the patient is a Medicare beneficiary, the services we provide are covered under Part A. All other Medicare services continue under Parts A & B, including those of the person’s attending physician. Hospice payments do not interfere with any other Medicare payments for other illnesses, diseases, or care.


Nearly all states and the District of Columbia offer coverage for hospice and home healthcare under Medicaid. In general, Medicaid benefits for our services parallel the Medicare benefit, although it may vary in certain states.

Private Insurance

Most insurance plans issued by employers and many managed care plans offer a hospice benefit and some type of coverage for home healthcare. In most cases, the coverage is similar to the Medicare benefit, although there may be some variations between employers.


TRICARE is the health benefits program for military personnel and retirees. Hospice is a fully covered benefit under TRICARE. Home healthcare coverage is the same as under Medicare. Only Medicare-certified hospices and certified home health agencies can provide for the TRICARE hospice and home healthcare benefits, so it’s important that patients and family check with their Health Benefit Advisor or Health Care Finder to assist in the location of a qualified provider.

Other Sources

Under Medicare law, no person may be refused hospice care due to inability to pay. Each hospice has a financial specialist on staff to answer questions about receiving financial assistance. Funds may be available from donations, gifts, grants, or other community sources to help cover the costs of care.