Bereavement & Grief Resources

Grief & Bereavement Services

Grief is a normal reaction to losing someone you love. In fact, it’s not only normal, it’s necessary in order to mentally and emotionally process the death of a loved one. Each person grieves differently and there is no timeline for how long it takes before the hurt of loss begins to lessen. Grief can ebb and flow for quite some time.

Hospice and Grief

It’s not uncommon for the family of a hospice patient to begin grieving before the actual death and the grief process to last longer than a few weeks or months after the death. It’s with this in mind, that Accredited Hospices of America offers grief and bereavement support to families while a patient is under our care and for up to 12 months following a death.

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Our grief and bereavement services can:

  • Help families and friends understand and begin to process grief
  • Assist with closure or acceptance of unresolved issues
  • Help you learn to care for yourself including accepting the support of others
  • Support you through holidays, anniversaries and other difficult times of the year

Our bereavement services include:

  • Home visits from social workers specializing in hospice-related issues, chaplains or volunteers
  • Telephone support from social workers
  • Letters of support
  • Community resource referrals to grief therapists, community support groups, etc.

There is no way around the pain of loss, but Accredited Hospices of America is here to help you through it.