5 Ways Accredited Hospices of America can help

Debbie Mosbacher

The vast majority of Americans say what they want at the end of life is to die in their own homes, as comfortable and pain free as possible. The hospice philosophy is about making sure that a patient’s experience reflects their wishes.Here are five ways that hospice helps to deliver this:
Accredited Hospices of America gives you comfort.
Hospices are experts at managing life limiting illnesses. The hospice team ensures that medication, therapies and treatments all support a care plan that is centered on the patient’s goals. And hospice services can be oered wherever the patient calls hoe, allowing friends and family to visit freely- something they might not be able to do in a hospital ICU setting.
Hospice gives you peace.
Beyond physical relief, hospice strives to help patients and families find emotional and spiritual comfort during what is often very traumatic time. Hospice organizations are able to provide families with counselors, therapists, spiritual care advisers and bereavement professionals who can best support their struggles with death and grieving. These services are part of the hospice benefit,covered by Medicare,Medicaid or most private insurances.
Hospice gives you something extra.
Hospice is not only about compassionate medical care and control of pain. Art and music therapists inspire joy; pet therapy and massages are oered at many programs as well.
Hospice gives caregivers guidance.
Most families are not prepared to face the death of a loved one. In addition to caring for patients, hospice also oers services for families and loved ones that provide emotional support and advice t help family members become confident caregivers and adjust to the future with grief support for up to a year.
Hospice gives you more.
Be in more joy, more love, or more quality of life in general, the goal of hospice is to oer patients and the ability to enjoy the time they have remaining and create meaningful memories for their families. Hospice oers more moments of life.

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